The Fab, fit and 50+ sessions offer flexible affordable options to suit individual requirements:


Personalised exercise & nutrition programmes; specialising in improving fitness and weight loss; including a free taster session – with health assessment – ½ hr.

A small specialised group

Tummy-Tone Special: a new course coming soon: Improves mobility, strength, tones stomach and core muscles, helps prevent injury.

Enquiries – venue to be confirmed.

Got a Pepup Partner?

Lady-Lunging_SmallTeam up with a friend or partner and share the cost – this can be great for beginners; who want to work on upper & lower body toning and cardio. Can be tailored to your requirements: Includes a free health & nutrition assessment.

Enquiries by email / phone.

We take our commitment to helping you to improve your health seriously. It is for this reason we recommend, before starting the course, you consult your GP to ensure you are fit to commence a course of exercise which is right for your health needs. And, before starting the course we will enter into a personal commitment with you which spells out our responsibilities for your wellbeing.

We also seek your commitment to participate in the key requirements of the programme to ensure you get the most out of it.